Build Connections and Show Appreciation

Promotional products can motivate employees, inspire teammates, connect with consumers, and empower your brand.

Make the Most of Your Brand.

We want to help you take your brand to the next level. Levy Recognition can help you do more, reach higher, and go beyond what you thought possible. We can maximize your brand awareness and execute flawless campaigns for you easier and faster than ever before.

Did you know...
85% of consumers consider doing business with the company after receiving a promotional item.

Recognition that Features Your Brand

For Your Business


Give your employees a way to show their company spirit with fun, branded items. From portable phone chargers to travel cups to bags of all shapes, we can transform any item you want into company merchandise, so they sky’s the limit for your employees!

Your executives carry much of the responsibility of your company. Show you appreciate their dedication with gifts made specifically with them in mind. With gifts suitable for any budget, we’ll find the perfect gift to reflect your gratitude.

Employees are the building blocks of a company. Demonstrate the integral role they play in your team with appreciation gifts. Employees who feel recognized are happier, happier employees help your bottom line.

Trade shows, free giveaways, and consumer fairs are a great place to provide branded merchandise. Perfectly fuse any event with your overall brand. Everyone in attendance will want one of your branded gifts.

For Your Team


We can supply the branded merchandise for every department in your institution through one platform. From the player gifts for all of your athletes to the water bottles for your next business conference, you know they’ll all be of the highest-quality and within your budget.

We’ll build you not just one Hall of Fame Award but an entire donor wall or trophy showcase to encapsulate all of your achievements.

Your students are the backbone of your organization. Their achievements and loyalty to your school will be recognized with awards of any shape and any size.

Your team is a community. It has events that are close to its heart outside of the normal competition schedule. We’ll outfit those events to match the feel of a packed stadium.

Endless Possibilities to How We Promote Your Brand!

We have thousands of items to highlight your brand and make your supporters feel appreciated.

Four Reasons to Choose Us

With Levy, you have help every step of the way. We'll maximize your brand awareness and execute flawless campaigns for you easier and faster than ever before.


Save time by utilizing our high-quality products that provide big cost-saving opportunities. We ensure you have the best products for your needs.


Whether you’re launching a new sales promotion or introducing a corporate promotion to boost employee morale, we will help you meet your objectives and extend your brand reach.


You’ll achieve flawless branding efforts that are always delivered to the right audience, using the right products, at the right time, and always within budget.


We’ll work one-on-one with you to assess the current situation, choose the right solution, and source the highest-quality products. You choose how hands on with the project you want to be.

Make a Lasting Impression


We Have Everything You Need!

Corporate Gifts.
Player Participation Gifts.
Fan Appreciation Gifts.
We have everything you need and more to recognize everyone on your list with a gift that tells the story of your brand.