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We use our in-house manufacturing facility to build your custom awards, allowing for quality control every step of the way.

Beautifully Crafted.
Just for You.

We don’t do mediocre awards. We manufacture awards dying to be displayed.

Having designed custom awards and trophies for over 55 years, we have perfected our methods. With us, you’ll receive the highest-quality materials partnered with a streamlined assembly.
Levy Recognition works with you every step of the design and manufacturing process, even assigning you one point-of-contact for our partnership. Having our customer service associates, designers, and production team under one roof allows for every facet of our company to work as one team with one common goal: your custom award.

The Methods to Our Madness


Imagine, Collaborate, Initiate


Your imagination brought to life


Award Fabrication


From Our Hands to Yours


To start the process, we’ll ask you a a few questions that will help us get into the mindset of your company. We’ll zero in on why you decided to start a custom employee recognition program or the highlights of your event.

Our goals will align with yours, creating something breathtaking for the event or individual that you want to recognize. Your marketing and awards consultant will review our wide range of mediums and design capabilities, so you have an in-depth understanding of your recognition possibilities. Don’t fret, we’ll help you narrow it down to what materials best suit your budget and vision.


We combine all of your answers from Idea Generation with our depth of design and recognition experience to create flawless custom award renderings. Our designers make use of detailing tools, to concisely design and perfect your award-- making sure not a single detail is missed. Your recognition vision is brought to life through exceptional digital renderings.

We’ll capture all aspects of your brand and the recipient through a design that will leave you speechless. If we don’t hit the nail on the head with the first round of renderings, we will go back to the drawing board until we blow your mind.


We bring your custom award to life with emphasis on exceptional care. Our commitment to creating high-quality awards allows for our product to exceed our clients’ expectations-- every time.

Our production managers oversee the manufacturing of each and every award to assure that every piece holds up to our accuracy and precision standards. It is then the job of our quality inspectors to double and triple check every single award that is created to make sure that they have all received the well-known Levy tender love and care.


Once produced and quality approved, the award is ready to be safely packaged and shipped to any location!

Your finished custom award will tie your brand image into your recognition goals, eliciting the best responses from your recipients.

Made in the U.S.A.

Our awards are proudly made in the USA. By partnering with us, you'll not only be using a diverse supplier, but will also be supporting American workers, economy, and craftsmanship.

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Manufacturing Capabilities


Our precision lasers and engraving systems deliver the highest possible engraving performance on a wide variety of materials including aluminum, steel, acrylic, phenolic, glass, crystal, corian, marble and wood. Using a heat beam of light, laser engraving is a non-contact process that will not compromise the integrity of the material. Our engravers use a diamond tip cutter which scratches the surface of the material delivering a deeper cut.


Our sandblasting equipment is used to clean or etch a surface to give a deeper, crisper appearance. The process usually takes place after the design has been lasered onto the piece and is typically used on crystal and glass pieces. To create the deeper cut, numerous, fine bits of sand are blasted at a very high velocity into the etched area.


Our direct print equipment allows for a new element to high resolution, full color images using UV LED printing at an economical cost. The LED inks used create images that are remarkably flush to the material printed on and highly resistant to scratches. Ideal for wood, metals, ceramic tiles, plastics, glass, industrial parts, promotional products and much more; Direct Print is our most popular process at a low cost resulting in a quality, full color piece.


Our casting department uses a method called spin casting. Our lasers are used to create a disc shaped mold that is then set in the center axis of the casting machine. Molten metal is then poured through an opening that is at the top center of the mold. Once the melted metal is in the machine, it then spins the mold at a high speed using centripetal force to push molten substance into place until it place, where it sets and solidifies. Our casting machines are used to create all medals, medallions, and lapel pins.

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