About the project

Levy Recognition is thrilled to take on new challenges presented to us by existing clients. Our relationship with the Arizona Diamondbacks is one that continues to grow as we add new projects to their portfolio every year. During the 2018 season, the Diamondbacks will be celebrating their 20th anniversary. It’s a milestone anniversary they wanted to celebrate in a unique way.

The Challenge

For the 20th Anniversary of the team, the Diamondbacks wanted to recognize the organization’s partners with something unique that would feature both the team’s history as well as their more recent accomplishments. The award would be given to those who have influenced the Diamondback’s success over the last 20 years.

The Solution

Levy Recognition developed a unique award that has everyone talking! The crystal award features a crystal cube that spins on an axis. When spinning, you can look inside the cube and see the Diamondbacks old logo, current logo, and 20th anniversary celebration logo. The awards were presented to business partners of the Arizona Diamondbacks.

The Results

The Arizona Diamondbacks and their partnership award recipients truly enjoyed the custom crystal cube awards. The D-backs have been very satisfied with the customer service provided by Levy Recognition and have expressed interest in numerous projects in the future.

Other Projects

In the past, Levy Recognition has worked with the Arizona Diamondbacks on several projects including the Luis Gonzalez Award and their annual Fantasy Camp Awards.