About the project

The Best Florida Beer Championships was founded in 2002 in order to aid the development and promotion of both home and commercial Florida brewers. The competition celebrates the dedication brewers demonstrate in their brews. In recent years, the Best Florida Beer Championship has had more than 600 entries to judge. That means, more than 1,800 bottles of beer are sent for the judges to taste. Can you imagine what their workday must be like?

While we are a little jealous that we don’t have the job of tasting each one of the beer entries, we do get to be part of the recognition process. Levy Recognition has been creating the awards for Best Florida Beer since 2009. We have designed both acrylic trophies and medals.

For the 2016 Best Florida Beer competition, Levy was asked to create three different medals that would be awarded to the top ranked brews. We created gold, silver and bronze medals, each featuring the Florida Best Beer logo. Blue, red and white ribbons give a distinct look to each of the medal rankings respectively. We also created customized polo shirts featuring the Best Florida Beer logo to help their brand stand out at competitions and celebrations throughout the year.