About the project

Custom Awards Created for Bupa’s Annual Sales Convention

As one of the most established health insurance providers in the world, Bupa is known for their commitment to both their 22 million customers and 70,000 employees.

This passionate company has made significant efforts to apply their commitment to an annual sales convention where they will present a custom designed sales recognition award.

Bupa called upon Proforma Global Sourcing for a uniquely branded approach to their convention’s recognition tactics. Keeping uniqueness, endless possibilities, and quality in mind, Proforma Global Sourcing knew that Levy Recognition would be the perfect designer and manufacturer for the job.

Proforma Global Sourcing and Bupa had brainstormed several details to incorporate into the awards, such as: modern lines, brushed metal, and laser engraving. Utilizing this rough sketch, Levy Recognition got to work on logistics, materials, and all of the essential moving parts for such a design. The award specialists then came up with detailed design concepts and renderings, which left both Proforma Global Sourcing and Bupa floored.

The unique sales recognition award consisted of three components beginning with a durable black marble base that’s securely attached to a brushed aluminum metal column. The column held a custom constructed metal plated globe which displayed inside of it a metal plated casting of the widely noted Bupa saying, “The world of Bupa.”

Levy Recognition’s innovative logistics and manufacturing solutions provided Proforma Global Sourcing the opportunity to present Bupa with a high quality, well-branded, and flawless award that would lead to an annual award for years and years to come. The success of this award and its proper recognition solution has led to Bupa’s interest in designing additional recognition awards for other departments such as HR, Support, etc.