About the project

Conference USA and Levy Recognition have worked together for over 20 years, so when they decided to redesign their trophy line, they trusted us with it. C-USA had their past designs for over 10 years, so they wanted to explore new, more stable materials. The design chosen creates a “family” of trophies; ensuring every trophy is easily recognizable as a part of the C-USA conference.


Branding was highly important to C-USA; it was integral to the design for the logo to be more prominently displayed. For the football trophy, C-USA wanted something structurally sound that would ship well, they could pick up easily, and that highlighted their logo. We knew that each trophy in the family needed to feature the same branding elements.


We narrowed the preliminary designs down to two and decided to combine them to create one mock up for the Football Championship Trophy. From there, all of the other trophies and awards were redesigned to align with the football trophy.

A tiered base with routed channel allows for the acrylic and wooden backdrop to be soundly secured. Their full-color logo is direct printed to guarantee consistency in brightness and color. The star mark accompanied by their logo was a large branding effort by C-USA. Keeping that in mind, the star is featured in the design of the new trophies as well. When manufacturing their new medals, a cut out design allowed the star and the logo to stand out, while the black and gold medal complimented the color logo along the ribbon.

Other Solutions:

In 2016, the football champion winners, Western Kentucky University, ordered mini replicas of the championship trophy for sponsors, program supporters and coaches. The minis are the exact same design as the football championship trophy, just on a smaller scale. Tiny C-USA medallions adorn the front of the black base.