About the project

Creating an online company store may seem like a daunting and expensive undertaking, but working with the Levy Recognition (Levy) eCommerce team makes it a breeze. Our team can save your company time and money. Levy offers eCommerce solutions that streamline the process of setting up and running a company store.

The Challenge

Global financing services provider, Depository Trust & Clearing Corporation (DTCC), needed a comprehensive way to offer branded merchandise to their employees throughout all of their branch locations. Their goal is to unite their employees and get them more involved in their workplace. They wanted to offer branded apparel and other items that would enable their employees to show off their company pride.

Levy Recognition worked with DTCC staff to assess their goals, objectives, and brand. By becoming familiar with the DTCC brand, we were able to identify specific needs and offer tailor-made solutions. No doubt an eCommerce solution was the best option for DTCC.

The Solution

Levy Recognition offered a complete eCommerce program. We would handle the administration and fulfillment through our exclusive online system. We would provide an easy-to-navigate online store, real-time order status and tracking information, custom reporting, product warehousing, and order fulfillment. We would also provide dedicated customer service to ensure employee satisfaction and overall eCommerce program success.

An eCommerce site would make it easy to provide DTCC employees access to branded apparel and accessories. The site could also be used to provide branch offices and department heads branded merchandise that can be used as employee engagement gifts. With a company store, DTCC would no longer need to accept, track or handle delivering their branded merchandise to separate locations.

To ensure the store’s products aligned with their employees’ interests, merchandise was vetted by the entire DTCC team. To build anticipation during the development of the site, and during the launch of few products, Levy designed marketing collateral and email campaigns promoting the store.

Additional Challenges and Solutions

Taking our dedication one step further, Levy Recognition offered a creative solution to promote the eCommerce site. DTCC’s Tampa location is within minutes of the Levy warehouse and corporate offices. What better way to rally DTCC employees and get them excited about the products offered through their company’s store than to do an on-location popup store?

The Levy staff loaded up several branded merchandise items and made their way to the DTCC campus. The popup store was set up in the lobby of the DTCC office building and employees were invited to browse merchandise and purchase items right on the spot. The popup store was such a success that DTCC executives asked about continuing the store as an ongoing solution to generating excitement and encouraging employees to show their DTCC pride.

As part of our total program management services, Levy Recognition made an agreement with DTCC to host popup stores once every business quarter. Our employees travel to the DTCC campus to set up, promote, and sell the branded apparel and accessories to employees eager to promote their company on and off the workday clock. Some of the most popular products are the DTCC tshirts. Many employees purchase them to use as gym apparel. Others, gift them to friends and family. Portfolios, laptop cases, and lunchboxes are also employee must-haves.

The Results

Popup stores are limited in the number of products available for purchase on site. Employees looking for specific apparel sizes and other specialty items are encouraged to place their order online. Levy Recognition has built an online company store that is completely customized to the DTCC brand and company culture. Employees can be confident the items they are ordering are branded with the official DTCC logo and their payment transactions are secure.

Our eCommerce solutions go beyond the product offerings on the web. Our dedicated staff makes it easy for companies to generate awareness and boost employee participation through a variety of offline services. For DTCC, our comprehensive program includes marketing materials, flyers, and of course, the successful hosting of popup stores at their Tampa location. To see more about our eCommerce solutions, download our Company Stores booklet in the Resource Library.