About the project

Metro Atlantic Athletic Conference (MAAC) is a collegiate athletic conference affiliated in the NCAA Division I. When their department head was directed to update the look and feel of MAAC’s championship trophy, they turned to their awards partner for 20+ years: Levy Recognition, for new and exciting, creative ideas.


Levy has manufactured the MAAC line of awards for well over 20 years. When they came to us with their ideas for a new family of trophies, including a traveling basketball trophy, we were eager to get started.

Wanting to bring the excitement of the 2016 MAAC Men’s and Women’s Basketball Championships to their fans, MAAC asked us to create a championship trophy that would travel and be on display at each of the conference’s member schools. The trophy needed to be sturdy and easy to travel with. Creating a custom case for traveling would be our biggest challenge.


Traveling can be hard on trophies. We knew we couldn’t take a chance on the MAAC Basketball Championship trophy getting broken—it needed to be immaculate as it traveled from school to school. We also wanted to ensure the trophy looked great on the day of the big game. To ensure the trophy stayed as shiny as the first time it was taken out of the box, we molded foam to fit the exact shape of the design and placed it in a hard shell carrying case.

Eleven pieces of foam were laser cut to fit the exact specifications of the trophy. Those pieces of foam mold to the trophy to cushion it inside the traveling case. Fans, players, coaches, and others stopping by to see the MAAC Basketball Championship Trophy shouldn’t see scratches or dents in the golden basketball at the top of the trophy.

Other Solutions:

After designing the traveling basketball trophy and its custom case, Levy helped MAAC do a full redesign of its family of trophies. The new line is similar to their original trophy designs. Each one follows branding guidelines for the conference, but in a modern design. The biggest changes that were made are the size and color of the logo placed on each trophy. Wanting it to be easily read from far away, we incorporated a larger and far more visible logo, as well as placing it on a silver plate that was crafted onto acrylic. It was also changed to full color; allowing viewers to easily connect the award’s branding perfectly with MAAC.