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Minnesota Twins Chooses Levy Recognition

In August, 2013, Minnesota Twins hosted their second annual  Affiliate Day celebration which revolved around the awarding of Minnesota Twins Affiliate of the Year award. This was an historical event, and Minnesota Twins called on Levy Recognition to make the celebration even more significant with a custom created recognition piece. This was an honorable experience considering the degree of precision needed to display the importance of awarding an annual award for the Twins radio affiliate station that demonstrated the best of Twins Territory in their dedication as an advocate of the Minnesota Twins in their community.

The Twins have continued the tradition of recognizing the contribution of the radio affiliate year after year.

In 2016, the Minnesota Twins also chose Levy to source their VIP Holiday Gifts. As a thank to their VIP ticket holders, the Twins offered them a holiday gift. The backpack was stitched with the Minnesota Twins colors, as well as embossed with their logo.