About the project

Attending Major League Baseball’s Winter Meetings Summit is exciting and full of opportunities. This past year, Levy Recognition had the opportunity to meet and build our relationship with the New York Mets. When the Mets decided to create custom recognition plaques to recognize their ticket operation team, they knew exactly who to call.

The Challenge

The Mets wanted to implement a recognition tool that would motivate sales staff to meet and exceed ticket sale goals. They challenged Levy Recognition to design two perpetual awards that would allow them to recognize Ticket Operations Outstanding team members. The first award would celebrate the 2017 season winners while the second award would recognize Team Members of the Month as well as a Team Member of the Year for the 2018 season.

The Solution

Levy Recognition created pine wood plaques in the shape of a home plate. Slots for the recipient nameplates were laser cut into the wood. At first, the verbiage was laser cut into the wood then filled with paint to make the lettering stand out. This proved ineffective as the black paint bled into the light color of the wood and appeared smudged. To resolve this, engravers turned up the laser’s strength and cut a deeper etch into the wood. This allowed the verbiage to be clearly visible and give the plaque a more natural look. The laser cut etching is similar to that of the lettering on the side of a wooden baseball bat.

To make sure the plaques were unique to the Mets ball club, a piece of silver phenolic was laser cut into the shape of the Mets script logo. Then, using the direct print machine, the full color logo was printed onto the phenolic cutout. The finished logo is featured at the top center of each plaque.

The Results

The New York Mets organization are very pleased with the finished product. They were very excited to reveal the plaques to their ticket operations staff. It was especially nice that one of the plaques displayed winners from the 2017 year. Everyone was excited to see who’s name would be added as the very first winner in 2018. They will be motivated to work hard and compete to fill the remaining nameplates on the plaque for 2018.

Eric Petersen, Manager of Ticket Operations, expressed how thrilled he is about the finished plaques, “The plaques look great! Thanks for your work on them. Early feedback is that staff really like them and the 2017 winners were appreciative we went back a year.”

Overall, this was a unique custom project done that is truly unique to the Mets organization. Employees who earn this honor will be thrilled to see their names on the plaque.

Other Projects

This was the first project Levy Recognition completed for the New York Mets. They are very pleased with the custom recognition pieces created for their Ticket Operations office. After completing this project, Levy Recognition was tasked with creating custom desk stands. The project has been completed and the desk stands are proudly being displayed in the Mets updated offices.