About the project

When Covelli Enterprises began, they built their business on a few simple ideas. Good food, excellent service, and dedication to their customers are just a few of the basics that make their restaurants successful. The other thing is employee appreciation.

Covelli Enterprises owns over 300 Panera Bread restaurants located in five states and Canada. Today, their business employs more than 25,000 people throughout the country. The management practice of Covelli Enterprises is to invest in their employees and show them that they are valued.


Each year, Levy Recogntion donates to Panera Bread’s “Knead for Knowledge” event. The event is a scholarship program that benefits the Children’s Cancer Center in Tampa, Florida. Being part of this event has helped Levy build a relationship with Covelli Enterprises and their Panera Bread locations in the Tampa Bay area.

In 2017, Director of Marketing and Public Relations, Vikki Kaiser, reached out to us to be part of another event that is special to Panera Bread. They called on Levy to redesign and present award selections for their 2017 Employee Award Banquet.


Levy was excited to present them with several Years of Service award options that could be used to recognize longstanding employees who had been with Panera Bread for five, ten, fifteen, and even forty-five years. A few different awards styles were selected. Each one was customized with the Panera Bread logo and recipient’s name.

We also created awards titled the Café Awards. These awards recognize Panera Bread franchise locations and their managers for outstanding performance in several categories including Operational Excellence, Annual Sales, and Franchise Development.