About the project

In 2014, the nationwide poultry grower and distributor, Perdue Farms, reached out to our staff at Levy Recognition to create not one, but two new set of awards! One for Quality, Service, and Reliability and the other for Excellence. We were excited to add Perdue Farms to our list of many corporate partnerships.

The first set of custom corporate awards Perdue requested was for their QSR (Quality, Service, and Reliability) Awards. The QSR award is given annually to the top 3 Perdue employees who show and demonstrate the traits of quality, service, and reliability.  This award comes in the custom design of an acrylic, marble casted frying pan. We were able to provide a quick turnaround on sourcing the materials for this award and presented it to Perdue in just 4 weeks. We were also able to produce small plaques that were given to every finalist.

The second award is the Perdue Prime Performance Excellence Award. This special award is presented to top employees in different departments nationwide in various categories; such as, community service, environmental stewardship, business improvement, and customer satisfaction.

Perdue Farms recently decided to research and find a new high-quality custom awards manufacturer for their Excellence Program. A key component of the change was to update the design while still keeping the same look and feel that they loved from their previous awards. This was the perfect project for Levy Recognition! Our design consists of a crystal and marble top piece secured on a wood base.  We were able to provide a quick turnaround to Perdue in only 6 weeks.

Levy Recognition added a splash of color by switching out the lasered black text they previously used on their awards with their logo direct color printed and strategically placing the awards title and recipient name beside it.

Another detail Perdue Farms appreciated about Levy Recognition was our ability to organize and safely ship their awards on time and at the right location, for each of their award ceremonies across the country.

Headquarter in Salisbury, Maryland, Perdue Farms was founded in 1920, and is home to 19,000 employees.  As of today, Perdue Farms is worth more than $6 billion and is the 3rd largest American producer of broilers.

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