About the project

About the Project:

When walking into a building the first things you may notice are its architecture or its interior design. Often times we take for granted how the building’s AC system is powered or how the lighting helps us to find our way around. But not the people at Power Design.

Power Design is an electrical contracting company that performs specialized construction work related to the design, installation, and maintenance of electrical systems. It is their job to design the lighting infrastructure of some of the most state-of-the-art buildings in the United States.

The projects they work on are near and dear to the hearts of those employees who are part of them. They are dedicated to getting the job done right the first time. To show appreciation for the hard work of their employees, Power Design’s leadership put together the Crushed It program. Employees who have done an exemplary job on projects receive special recognition gift boxes kitted by Levy Recognition.

The Challenge:

Power Design first reached out to Levy Account Representative Brian Liotta-DeVivo with the idea of kitting an employee recognition gift box to give to those employees who did exemplary work on completed Power Design projects.

Originally, they wanted to fill gift boxes with a few custom items and a bottle of champagne. After discussing their ideas with Brian, it was decided that the gifts, the boxes, and the packaging inside would be branded with Power Design’s Crushed It logo. As far as the custom gifts, they had decided on a coffee mug, polo shirt, project trading card, and a paid time off card.

Sourcing the items was the biggest challenge. Brian had to work with a few different vendors to source all the items Power Design wanted in the gift box. The polo shirts and coffee mugs required a few extra steps in order to ensure that they were exactly what the client wanted.


Custom Polo Shirts

Trying to find a unique design for the custom polos, Brian began working with designers on a light blue polo shirt that featured the Crushed It gorilla mascot on the left chest and the Power Design lightning bolt running down the left side of the shirt. The Power Design team loved the design, but was not a fan of the fabric used to make the shirts.

This added to the challenge of finding the perfect polo shirt for Power Design’s gift boxes. It can be difficult to find customizable shirts in U.S. sizing. For Power Design, the shirts needed to meet several parameters. Not only did Brian need to find shirts that could be customized, they also needed to be available in U.S. sizing, and made from a fabric Power Design would like.

Having to find shirts to suit all of the parameters also meant working under an even tighter time crunch. Getting the new sample to Power Design would have taken too long if shipped to them and photographs weren’t going to cut it. So, to save time and get an instant decision, Brian drove to Power Design’s St. Petersburg office to present the new polo shirt design sample. They loved it and approved it that day!

They chose a blue indigo polo shirt. For men, the shirts are short sleeve; women will get a three-quarter sleeved shirt. Employees who receive the Crushed It box more than once a year don’t have to worry about receiving the same shirt over and over again. The polo shirts will be made in a different fabric color each quarter.

Custom Coffee Mugs

In lieu of champagne bottles, Power Design wanted to give employees a gift that they can use either at home, or at the office. They decided a custom coffee mug would be included in each gift box. They chose mugs that have a black exterior and a red interior. The Power Design logo is printed on one side and the Crushed It gorilla is on the other side.

Brian was able to get the mug designs approved and ordered right away. The mugs were produced quickly and 144 of them were ready to be packed into the recognition boxes in just a few days!

Custom Crushed It Trading Cards

One of the most unique items in the Crushed It recognition boxes are Power Design’s custom trading cards. At the beginning of the project, they wanted a paper trading card featuring photos and statistics of recent projects Power Design employees had completed.

Paper cards are easy to bend, tear, and lose, so Brian started thinking of other materials to use. At first, putting the card in a plastic cover seemed like an easy solution. However, unless the card is framed, or put in a special stand, it has almost no display value. So, he began toying with the idea of printing the trading cards on white acrylic. Levy’s team of in-house designers worked with Brian to create a two-sided white acrylic card that measures the same size and shape as traditional collector’s cards. On one side, they printed a photo of Power Design’s building project and printed the project statistics on the other side.

The acrylic card proved to be a great display piece. The acrylic stands up on its own, does not bend or tear, and the printed design is longer lasting than ink on paper.

Brian took the design idea to Power Design. They liked the concept, but didn’t like that the cards were printed on white acrylic. They wanted to see it in both clear and black. They ended up choosing to have the trading cards printed on 1/8 inch thick clear acrylic.

Because the acrylic is see-through, each step of the design and printing process becomes very intricate. The image on the front of the card has to line exactly perfect to the image on the back of the card. With some careful planning and designing, Levy’s team was able to create cards for 14 of Power Design’s projects. Power Design loved the cards so much they ordered 20 of each print!

Other Solutions:

Each Crushed It recognition box is given to celebrate employees and their contributions to Power Design’s projects. The boxes also send a subtle message of safety to employees. Each recognition box contains a decal employees can affix to their hard hats. These hard hat decals are a clear polyurethane cut out of the Crushed It logo. Employees who receive the decal know that it is a reminder to continue doing their job to the best of their ability, but to also do it safely.

Power Design loves to do innovative and special things for their employees. They take pride in offering several types of employee recognition. As part of the Crushed It recognition boxes, Power Design chose to include a voucher that could be cashed in for one paid day of leave.

The paid time off cards look like business cards and are placed in each of the gift boxes. Levy Recognition printed 1000 cards to be distributed each quarter that the Crushed It boxes are given to employees.

Custom Packaging

Once all the gift items were sourced and produced, the big question of “How do we present all these items?” had to be answered. Drawing inspiration from a recent Amazon order, Brian suggested custom packaging as a solution. A custom box would not only look great when presented as a gift, but it would also be immediately recognizable to employees who received their recognition box in the mail. Levy’s design team created a front-loading, matte finished box featuring the Power Design logo on the outside and the Crushed It gorilla on the inside. A custom plastic tray was designed and cut to fit the box and cushion the coffee mug.

Custom packaging ensures that the Power Design brand and message are presented from the very first time an employee receives a recognition box. Even if the box is delivered by mail, there is no denying where it came from as soon as the recipient receives the package.

Kitting and Warehousing

Power Design recognizes their employees frequently. The Crushed It recognition boxes are gifted each quarter to employees who meet the requirements within that quarter. Orders for the boxes need to be processed and fulfilled quickly.

To make this possible, Levy Recognition offers kitting and warehousing services. The custom boxes and tray inserts are ordered in bulk and stored in Levy’s facilities until needed. Gift items that can be ordered in bulk including the paid time off cards, the Crushed It decals, and coffee mugs are also warehoused. Each quarter, new shirts in a different color are ordered and fulfilled. Levy Recognition also designs and manufactures the custom acrylic project trading cards in-house based on the information provided by Power Design each quarter.

When it is time to pack each box and ship them to the employees who will be recognized, Levy offers Power Design kitting services. Each gift box is professionally packed so that each gift item becomes part of the Power Design message and brand. Brian and the team worked together to figure out the best way to pack each item to ensure that it is secure and displayed neatly. The custom mug is set into the plastic tray and positioned to the right side of the box so that the Crushed It logo faces upright. The custom polo is folded and packed so that the logo is also facing up and beautifully presented when the box is opened. The helmet decal is placed on top the polo shirt.

The paid time off card is probably the most valuable item in the box according to the employees who receive one. Brian wanted to make sure it was immediately visible when the box was opened. The kitting team used small sticky tabs to attach it to the inside of the box lid. It stands out as soon as the lid is opened. Using another sticky tab, the acrylic trading card is placed above the coffee mug.

A layer of tissue paper and then a layer of bubble wrap protect everything in the box. Everything fits tight and secure to ensure nothing is broken or displaced when it is shipped to Power Design. Employees who work offsite will receive their Crushed It recognition boxes in the mail. The box is designed to have the shipping label applied to the side of the box so that shipping companies don’t have to flip the box around in order to scan the label.

The Results:

Power Design employees love the recognition boxes. They are excited to collect and display the project trading cards. After receiving the first quarter’s boxes, everyone at Power Design is pleased with the finished product. In the future, they will be giving Crushed It recognition boxes each quarter. The next round of boxes will contain all of the same gifts with some modifications. The polo shirts will be a different color and the acrylic trading cards will feature new Power Design projects.

Power Design hopes their newest installment of employee recognition gifts sends a clear message to their employees. The Crushed It boxes are meant to make employees feel appreciated for their hard work and dedication to the projects they’ve completed.

Other Projects:

Power Design stressed the importance of presentation when it comes to kitting and packaging each box. Talks of using customized tissue paper and packaging tape are in the works. It is the custom packaging that make the Crushed It recognition boxes stand out as a unique gift.

Brian and the design team are also working on creating a custom display case that will allow employees to house and display their acrylic trading card collection. Every part of the Power Design brand is taken into account when new projects and additions are made to the Crushed It recognition program.