About the project

Levy Recognition, together with the Southeastern Conference, is excited to present the all-new Tournament Champion trophy. Completely redesigned, the Tournament Champion trophy is one in the family of trophies being unveiled by the SEC throughout the 2017-2018 academic year.

The SEC has trusted the design and manufacturing talents of Levy for more than 40 years. Levy’s long-standing relationship with the SEC began in 1972. When H. Boyd McWhorter was commissioner of the SEC, Levy’s founder, George Levy approached him with an unprecedented idea that was nothing short of revolutionary. Previously, the SEC, like many other conferences at the time, had given their champion schools a stipend, allowing them to purchase their own trophies. Levy told Boyd his vision that every school who had won an SEC championship should receive uniform trophies that were reflective of the SEC’s brand. Boyd was impressed and soon after, the SEC trophy was born.

Redesigning the Tournament Champion trophy was not without its challenges. The yearlong project began in October 2016 when Levy Recognition answered the request for design proposals put out by the SEC’s Championship Committee. The request was for a line of Conference trophies that had a timeless, yet modern appeal.

Having worked with the SEC for several decades, the team at Levy had an intimate understanding of the Conference’s brand. Levy’s team of product engineers, artists, and production specialists worked tirelessly to come up with new design concepts for a family of trophies, including the Tournament Champion trophy, which would amaze the Committee.

After several months of product testing and raw material sourcing, the team at Levy was able to present the Committee with four separate design concepts. One design stood out from the others.

The brand new Tournament Champion trophy features a curved upright cut from solid acrylic mounted on a cherry wood base. Gold-plated, high polish accents, and a sandblasted medallion bring the SEC brand to focus with a sparkling finish. The piece fits flawlessly into the SEC’s new family of trophies.

The redesigned family of trophies complements the SEC’s iconic Conference Champion Trophy. Cherry wood finishes and gold accents are a nod to the SEC’s timeless past while glass and black wood accents lend a more contemporary look to the designs. The newly designed trophies prominently feature the Southeastern Conference’s logo. Many of the trophy designs also list each member school.

Levy is thrilled to present this new Tournament Champion trophy designed exclusively for the SEC. Having the opportunity to work with one of the National Collegiate Athletic Association’s oldest and most competitive conferences has been an honor. From the first trophy designed for the conference in 1972 to this latest installment, Levy prides itself in producing high-quality trophies that celebrate the integration of higher education and athletic competition.