About the project

About the Project

It all began with a conversation about finding a better way to manage student athlete gifts. Southland Conference’s Director of Business, John Payne, was having issues with their merchandise provider. Each sports season, the conference was forced to purchase a set amount of merchandise. If it wasn’t used, they were forced to pay for it whether the merchandise sold out or not. It was becoming costly and, being honest, the merchandise wasn’t exactly the quality they had hoped for.

That’s when it was decided that a change was needed.

The Challenge

Payne contacted Levy Recognition about setting up a system that would allow coaches, athletes, and other Southland supporters shop and purchase conference branded gear and merchandise. They wanted something completely different from the antiquated system they had been using.

Listening to their needs, Levy Recognition came up with a solution that blew away the competition and made managing student athlete gifts, merchandise, and apparel effortless for the Southland Conference.

The Solution

Levy Recognition offered a complete eCommerce program. An eCommerce store designed with the Southland logo, colors, and photos of Southland Conference athletes was created. We handle the administration and fulfillment through our exclusive online system. We provide an easy-to-navigate online store, real-time order status and tracking information, custom reporting, product warehousing, and order fulfillment. We also provide dedicated customer service to ensure employee satisfaction and overall eCommerce program success.

An eCommerce site makes it easy for coaches, parents, fans, and other team supporters to purchase special event shirts and accessories. Event shirts, hats, tank tops, quarter zip sweatshirts, drive fit shirts, and other special event merchandise for every sport is available on the eCommerce site.

Other Solutions

The Southland Conference hosts Championships and special events throughout the collegiate school year. The eCommerce solution allows them to make event merchandise available only when the event is taking place. To make this possible, Levy Recognition updates the eCommerce store whenever necessary, posting specific Championship and event gear when it is needed.

To make order fulfillment a breeze, Levy Recognition offers warehousing of Southland’s merchandise. When orders are made through the site, Levy employees are alerted and can pull products directly from our warehouse.

In the future, Southland hopes to expand merchandise offerings. Because there is no limit to the number of products that can be hosted on the eCommerce site, they can offer products for every member school in their conference. Levy Recognition takes care of product sourcing, customization, and product orders.

The Results

The Southland Conference loves the convenience of the eCommerce store. They regularly work with Levy Recognition to source new products and update the merchandise available on the store. Director of Business Operations, John Payne said, “The Southland Store, developed by Levy,  is proving a beneficial tool for the conference. It’s user-friendly, our coaches utilize it fully, and end-users appreciate how promptly orders are fulfilled. The Southland Store is a key element in the Southland Conference’s branding efforts.”